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HP-MINI210-3000 10.8V 5200 6cell laptop battery for HP 101-050DQ

AU $23.99
Weight: 0.3 kg
Size: 20.1 cm * 5.1 cm * 2.35 cm
Chemical material: li-ion
Brand: Brand new
Voltage: 10.8 V
Capacity: 5200 mah
Core number: 6 Cells
Color: black

Compatible Battery Models:
646656-421, 646657-241,646657-251, 646657-421, 646755-001, 646757-001, A2Q96AA, HSTNN-DB3B,HSTNN-LB3B, HSTNN-YB3A, HSTNN-YB3B, LV953AA, MT03, MT06, TPN-Q101, TPN-Q102
Compatible Laptop Models:
""CTRL""+""F""to find your laptop model/part number printed on your laptop bottom or originalbattery.
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HP Mini PC 1104: There aresimilar models using different (rectangular shape) battery. Please compare withpicture
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