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SA 60W 19V 3.16A Laptop AC Adapter for Samsung 401-10425-AF02D,

AU $20.99
Weight: 0.18 kg
Size: 11.45 cm * 5 cm * 2.95 cm
Input interface standard: 2 pin
Input: 100V - 240V 50-60hz
Output: DC 19V 3.16 A 60W
Interface size: 5.5 mmx3.0mm
Certification: CE FCC
Compatible Battery Code:(Ctrl+ ""F"" for fast search)

AD-9019 AD-9019S AD-9019NBA44-00147A PA-1900-08S AD-9019M NBP001324-00 API3AD05 AA-PA1N90W

BA44-00215A NBP001518-00AD-8019 SPA-V20 SPA-V20E/E

Compatible Models:

MetroBook LT

Samsung Sens 630

MetroBook LT Series

P series

P27 P28 P28G P29 P30 P35 P40 RP40

plus Q

Q1 series

Q10 Q20 Q25 Q30 plus Q30 Q35

Samsung Sens 630

Q40 Pro U1400

Q40 XIP 1400



R39-DY04 R39-DY06

R40 XIc 2050 R40 XIP 2050 R40XIP 2055 R40 XIP 2250 R40 XIP 2255 R40 XIP 5500 R40 XIP 5510


R40-EL1 R40-K003 R40-K005R40-K006 R40-K007 R40-K008 R40-K009 R40-K00A R40-K00D R40-K00E R40-K00FR40-T2300

R45 Pro 1730 R45 Pro c1600 R45Pro T5500 R45 Pro

R45 series

R45 R45-1730 R45-c1500 R45-K0R45-K004 R45-K005 R45-K006 R45-K007 R45-K00D R45-K02

R50 WEH 750

R50 WVM 1730 II

R50 WVM 1730 III

R50 WVM 1730

R50 WVM 1860

R50 X R50 XEH 743 R50 XEH 745R50 XIH 741 R50 XWM 740 R50 XWM 742 R50 XWM 750


R50-001 R50-2000 R50-cV04R50-cV05 R50-cV06 R50-V01 R50-V02


R55 XEc 5500 R55 XEH 2300 R55R55-c002 R55-cV03 R55-cV05 R55-cV06 R55-T2300

Samsung A10

Samsung GS6000

Samsung P27

Samsung Q1

Samsung R39

Samsung SN6000

Samsung VM-6000 MetroBook

TransPort LT TransPort VX TransPortXT TransPort XT2 TransPort ZX



MPc (formerly MicronPc)

TransPort LT

TransPort VX

TransPort XT

TransPort XT2

TransPort ZX

MPc (formerly MicronPc)TransPort GX, MPc (formerly MicronPc) TransPort GX series, MPc (formerlyMicronPc) TransPort GX+, MPc (formerly MicronPc) TransPort GX2, MPc (formerlyMicronPc) TransPort LT, MPc (formerly MicronPc) TransPort VX, MPc (formerlyMicronPc) TransPort XT, MPc (formerly MicronPc) TransPort XT2, MPc (formerlyMicronPc) TransPort ZX,

Samsung Aquila X05 )Series,

Aquila X10 )Series,

corona P30 )Series,

GT8000, 8100, GT8600,GT8600XT, GT8650, GT8650XT, GT8700, GT8700XT, GT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV,GT8800, GT8800XT, GT8800XV, GT8850, GT8850XT, GT8850XTD, GT8900, GT8900DXV,GT8900XTR, GT9000, GT9000 PRO, GT6330, GT6330XT, GT6360, GT6360XT, GT6400,GT6400XV, GT7000, GT7700, GT8910, GT8910KXV, P30, SN6000, VM8100XTD, VM8095,V8095cX, VM7600, VM7600cT, VM7700, VM7700XTD, VM8110cXTD, VM8110XTc, VM6000,VM6300, VM6300cT, VM7000, VM7550, VM7550cT, VM7650, VM7650cT, VM7650cXTD,VM8000, VM8080, VM8080cXT, VM8090, VM8090cT, VM8090cXTD, VM8100, VM8100cX,VM8100cXTD, X05, X10, X15, GS6000, GT6000, VM6000, GT7000, VM7000, GT8000,VM8000

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