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TS 75W 19V 3.95A Laptop AC Adapter for 401-02429-AD02D 1115-S1

AU $20.99
Compatible Battery Code: (Ctrl+""F"" for fast search)

A000001200 A000001210 A000007020 A000007030 ACC10 ADP-65DB ADP-65HBADP-75FB-A ADT-W61 API1AD43 K000000550 K000004120 K000005050 K000019570K000025320 K000027270 K000029300 K000032420 K000032580 K000040250 K000040270K000040290 K000040460 K000041670 K000042840 K000043680 PA-1500-02 PA-1600-01PA-1600-02 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-02 PA-1700-02 PA-1750-01 PA-1750-04 PA3165U-1ACAPA3380E-1ACA PA3380U-1ACA PA3396E-1ACA PA3396U-1ACA PA3432E-1AC3 PA3432E-1ACA PA3432U-1AC3PA3432U-1ACA PA3467 PA3467E PA3467E-1ACA PA3467U PA3467U-1ACA PA3468EPA3468E-1ACA PA3468U PA3468U-1ACA PA3714U-1ACA/ SADP-65KB SADP-65KBB V000055210V000055400 V000061300 V000061310 V000061690 ADP-60BB. 7832D PA-16 310-5422310-6499 310-6405 ADP-60NH CF719 K9060 N5825 TD230 5.WD971 312-0367 310-7667PA-16

Compatible Models:

Toshiba Satellite:

1100-S101 1105 1110 1110-S153 1115 1115-S103 1115-S104 1115-S107 1115-S1231130 1130-S155 1130-S156 1135 1135-S125 1135-S155 1135-S156 1135-S1551 1135-S15521135-S1553 1135-S1554 1900 1900-S305 1905 1905-S277 1905-S301 1905-S3021905-S303 1905-S304 1905-S801 1950 1955 1955-S801 1955-S802 1955-S803 1955-S8041955-S805 1955-S806 1955-S807 2430 2430-SB 2430-S255 2430-S256 2435 2435-S2552435-S256 series

Toshiba Satellite A100 Series:

A100-S2211 A100 A100-05R010 A100-016004

A100-03501N A100-046004 A100-151 A100-153

A100-155 A100-158 A100-159 A100-161

A100-163 A100-165 A100-166 A100-168

A100-169 A100-170 A100-175 A100-181

A100-188 A100-192 A100-193 A100-209

A100-212 A100-218 A100-220 A100-232

A100-233 A100-234 A100-237 A100-250

A100-252 A100-253 A100-269 A100-270

A100-500 A100-507 A100-508 A100-510

A100-521 A100-522 A100-523 A100-525

A100-528 A100-529 A100-533 A100-534

A100-551 A100-JH2 A100-LE1 A100-LE4

A100-LE6 A100-S2211TD A100-S2311TD A100-S8111TD

A100-SP621 A100-ST2311 A100-ST3211 A100-ST8211

Toshiba Satellite A105 Series:

A105 A105-S101 A105-S171 A105-S271

A105-S361 A105-S1013 A105-S1014 A105-S1712

A105-S2001 A105-S2011 A105-S2021 A105-S2031

A105-S2051 A105-S2061 A105-S2081 A105-S2091

A105-S2111 A105-S2711 A105-S2712 A105-S2713

A105-S2716 A105-S2717 A105-S2719 A105-S3611


Toahiba Satellite M40X Series:

M40X-105 M40X-112 M40X-115 M40X-116

M40X-119 M40X-129 M40X-142 M40X-159

M40X-161 M40X-163 M40X-166 M40X-168

M40X-169 M40X-175 M40X-183 M40X-183

M40X-184 M40X-231 M40X-250 M40X-251

Toshiba Satellite M60 Series:

M60 M60-103 M60-104 M60-105 M60-112 M60-126 M60-128 M60-131 M60-132M60-134 M60-135 M60-139 M60-144 M60-148 M60-149 M60-153 M60-154 M60-161 M60-163M60-164 M60-167 M60-169 M60-170 M60-171 M60-175 M60-176 M60-BK3 M60-CD4 M60-CD6M60-CD7 M60-S811ST M60-S6111TD M60-S8112ST M60-S8112TD

Toshiba Satellite M65 Series:

M65-S809 M65-S909 M65-S8091 M65-S9062

M65-S9063 M65-S9064 M65-S9065 M65-S9091

M65-S9092 M65-S9093 M65-SP811 M65-SP95

Toshiba Satellite A200 Series:

A200-10W A200-10X A200-10Z A200-11C A200-12F A200-13L A200-13O A200-13RA200-13T A200-13U A200-14D A200-14E A200-180 A200-18T A200-19I A200-19KA200-19M A200-1A9 A200-1AA A200-1AB A200-1AE A200-1Ai A200-1BP A200-1BWA200-1CC A200-1CR A200-1DA A200-1DN A200-1DQ A200-1FJ A200-1G6 A200-1GDA200-1HU A200-1M7 A200-ST2041 A200-ST2043

Toshiba Satellite A205 Series:

A205 A205-S4537 A205-S4557 A205-S4567 A205-S4577 A205-S4578 A205-S4587A205-S4597 A205-S4607 A205-S4617 A205-S4618 A205-S4629 A205-S4638 A205-S4639A205-S4647 A205-S4707 A205-S4777 A205-S4797 A205-S7456 A205-SP4038 A205-SP4068

Toshiba Satellite A215 Series:

A215-S4697 A215-S4717 A215-S4737 A215-S4747 A215-S4757 A215-S4767A215-S4807 A215-S4817 A215-S48171 A215-S7407 A215-S7408 A215-S7414 A215-S7418A215-S7421 A215-S7422 A215-S7427 A215-S7433 A215-S7437 A215-S7444 A215-S7447A215-S7462 A215-SP401

Toshiba Satellite A85 Series:

A80-S178 A85-S107 A85-S1071 A85-S1072 A85-SP107 A85-SP1072

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4011L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4146LPSC02U

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4011M PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4162MPSC00U

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4020L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4163MPSC00U

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4020M PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4164MPSC00U

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4131A PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4170MPSC2SU

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4131L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4171MPSC2SU

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4131M PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4175MPSC2SU

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4132L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4201LPSC02P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4135L PSC2SU Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4202LPSC02P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4136L PSC2WU Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4250LPSC00P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4137L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4252LPSC00P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4138L PSC2NU Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4254LPSC02P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4139L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4255LPSC02P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4140L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4256LPSC00P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4141L PSC2NU Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4257LPSC02P

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4142L PSC02U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4281M PSC2SM

Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4145L PSC00U Toshiba Satellite C645-SP4284MPSC2SM

Toshiba Satellite C645D Series

Toshiba Satellite C645D-S4024 PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4130 PSC04U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4001L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4130L PSC04U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4001M PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4133LPSC34U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4002L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4134LPSC34U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4002M PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4143LPSC34U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4007L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4144LPSC34U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4007M PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4160PSC04U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4010L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4160MPSC04U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4010M PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4165MPSC34U

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4016L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4248LPSC34P

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4016M PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4251LPSC34P

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4017L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4278MPSC34M

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4017M PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4279MPSC34M

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4018L PSC04U Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4282MPSC34M

Toshiba Satellite C645D-SP4018M PSC04U

Toshiba Satellite Series

Toshiba Satellite C650 Series

Toshiba PSC08C-01T019 Toshiba PSC12C-06700S

Toshiba PSC08C-01U019 Toshiba PSC2EC-001001

Toshiba PSC08C-01V019 Toshiba PSC2EC-005001

Toshiba PSC08C-01W019 Toshiba PSC2EC-00F001

Toshiba PSC08C-020019 Toshiba PSC2EC-00M001

Toshiba PSC08C-05N019 Toshiba PSC2EC-00P001

Toshiba PSC08C-05P019 Toshiba PSC2EC-010001

Toshiba PSC12C-00M00S Toshiba PSC2EC-01D001

Toshiba PSC12C-00S00S Toshiba PSC2EC-01L001

Toshiba PSC12C-01M00S Toshiba PSC2EC-01T001

Toshiba PSC12C-02500S Toshiba PSC2EC-01W001

Toshiba PSC12C-02800S Toshiba PSC2EC-054001

Toshiba PSC12C-03100S Toshiba PSC2EC-05404P

Toshiba PSC12C-03403L Toshiba PSC2EC-06E001

Toshiba PSC12C-03503L Toshiba PSC2EC-07J001

Toshiba PSC12C-05U00S Toshiba PSC2EC-07N001

Toshiba PSC12C-05X00S Toshiba PSC12C-06400S

Toshiba PSC12C-05Y00S

Toshiba Satellite C650-BT2N11 PSC08U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST4NX1 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-BT2N13 PSC12U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5N02 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-BT2N15 PSC12U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5N03 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-BT4N12 PSC08U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5NX1 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-BT4N13 PSC2EU Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5NX2 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-BT5N11 PSC2EU Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6N01 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-ST2N01 PSC12U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6N02 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-ST2NX1 PSC08U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6N03 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-ST2NX2 PSC12U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6NX3 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-ST3NX1 PSC12U Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6NX4 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite C650-ST4N02 PSC2EU Toshiba Satellite C650-ST6NX5 PSC2EU

Toshiba Satellite Series

Toshiba Satellite C650D Series

Toshiba PSC0YC-005003 Toshiba PSC0YC-04H026

Toshiba PSC0YC-005026 Toshiba PSC0YC-04H05K

Toshiba PSC0YC-007003 Toshiba PSC0YC-04T026

Toshiba PSC0YC-007026 Toshiba PSC0YC-05205K

Toshiba PSC0YC-008003 Toshiba PSC16C-00400M

Toshiba PSC0YC-00D003 Toshiba PSC16C-00H00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-00E003 Toshiba PSC16C-00P00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-00L026 Toshiba PSC16C-02500M

Toshiba PSC0YC-018026 Toshiba PSC16C-02600M

Toshiba PSC0YC-02K026 Toshiba PSC16C-02700M

Toshiba PSC0YC-02L026 Toshiba PSC16C-02Q00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-02M026 Toshiba PSC16C-02U00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-02V026 Toshiba PSC16C-06N00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-02V05K Toshiba PSC16C-06P00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-032026 Toshiba PSC16C-06Q00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-03205K Toshiba PSC16C-06T00M

Toshiba PSC0YC-03G026

Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT2N11 PSC16U Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2NX2PSC16U

Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT2N13 PSC16U Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST3NX1PSC16U

Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT2N15 PSC0YU Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST3NX2PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 PSC0YU Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST4N01PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT5N11 PSC0YU Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST4NX1PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2N01 PSC16U Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST5N01PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2N02 PSC16U Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST5NX1PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2N03 PSC16U Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST6N02PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST2NX1 PSC08U Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST6NX2 PSC0YU

Toshiba Satellite L10 Series:

L10-100 L10-101 L10-104 L10-105 L10-130 L10-154 L10-190 L10-194 L10-226L10-272 L10-SP104

Toshiba Satellite L15 Series:

L15 L15-S104 L15-S1041 L15-SP104 L15-SP1041

Toshiba Satellite L20 Series:

L20-101 L20-112 L20-118 L20-120 L20-121 L20-135 L20-155 L20-157 L20-159L20-173 L20-188 L20-205 L20-256 L20-S310 L20-S310TD L20-SP119 L20-SP131L20-SP131 L20-SP231 P205-S6237

Toshiba Satellite L25 Series:

L25 L25-S119 L25-S1192 L25-S1193 L25-S1194 L25-S1195 L25-S1196 L25-S121L25-S1212 L25-S1213 L25-S1215 L25-S1216 L25-S1217 L25-SP121 L25-SP129 L25-SP139L25-SP141 L25-SP151

Toshiba Satellite L30 Series:

L30 L30-10P L30-114 L30-115 L30-11E L30-11H L30-134 L30-140 L30-142

Toshiba Satellite L35 Series:

L35 L35-S1054 L35-S2151 L35-S2161 L35-S2171 L35-S2174 L35-S2194 L35-S2316L35-S2366 L35-SP1011 L35-SP2011 L35-SP2031 L35-SP2041 L35-SP2051 L35-SP2071L35-SP4016 L35-SP4068 L35-SP4086 L35-SP4096 L35-SP4116

Toshiba Satellite L45 Series:

L45-S2416 L45-S4687 L45-S7409 L45-S7419 L45-S7423 L45-S7424 L45-SP2036L45-SP2046 L45-SP2056 L45-SP2066 L45-SP4016

Toshiba Satellite M105 M115 Series:

M105-S1011 M105-S1021 M105-S1031 M105-S1041 M105-S10xx M105-SP1011M105-SP1021 M105-SP1031 M105-SP1041 M115-S1061 M115-S1064 M115-S1071 M115-S1074

Toshiba Satellite M200 M205 Series:

M200-ST2002 M205-S3207 M205-S3217 M205-S7452 M205-S7453

Toshiba Satellite M30X Series:

M30X M30X-1593 M30X-214 M30X-40 M30X-60 M30X-80 M30X-S114 M30X-S1592M30X-S1593 M30X-S171 M30X-S181 M30X-S191 M30X-S214 M30X-S221 M30X-s234M30X-SP111 M30X-SP114

Toshiba Satellite M35X Series:

M35X M35X-114 M35X-149 M35X-S109 M35X-S111 M35X-S114 M35X-S1141 M35X-S1142M35X-S1143 M35X-S149 M35X-S1491 M35X-S1492 M35X-S161 M35X-S1611 M35X-S163M35X-S1631 M35X-S309 M35X-S3091 M35X-S311 M35X-S3111 M35X-S3112 M35X-S329M35X-S3291 M35X-S349 M35X-S3491 M35X-SP111 M35X-SP114 M35X-SP161 M35X-SP171M35X-SP181 M35X-SP311 M35X-SP349

Toshiba Satellite M40 M45 Series:

M40-S312TD M45-S165 M45-S1651 M45-S165X M45-S169 M45-S1691

Toshiba Satellite M55 Series:

M55-S1001 M55-S139 M55-S1391 M55-S139X M55-S141

Toshiba Satellite M60 M65 Series:

M60-S811 M60-S8112 M60-S9093 M65-S809 M65-S8091 M65-S8092 M65-S821M65-S8211 M65-S9062 M65-S9063 M65-S9064 M65-S9065 M65-S909 M65-S9091 M65-S9092M65-SP811 M65-SP959

Toshiba Satellite P205 Series:

P205D-S7429 P205D-S7438 P205D-S7439 P205D-S7454 P205-S6237 P205-S6247P205-S6257 P205-S6267 P205-S6287 P205-S6297 P205-S6298 P205-S6307 P205-S6337P205-S6347 P205-S6348 P205-S7469 P205-S7476

Toshiba Satellite U305 Series:

U305 U305-S5077 U305-S5087 U305-S5097 U305-S5107 U305-S5117 U305-S5127U305-S7432 U305-S7446 U305-S7448 U305-S7467 U305-S7477 U305-SP5017 U305-SP5028U305-SP5037

Toshiba Tecra L2 Series:

L2-S011 L2-S022

Toshiba Satellite 1000 1100 1130 1200 Series:

1000-S157 1000-S158 1005-S157 1005-S158 1100-S101 1110-S153 1110-SP1531115-S103 1115-S107 1115-S123 1115-SP153 1130-S155 1130-S156 1135-S1251135-S155 1135-S1551 1135-S1552 1135-S1553 1135-S1554 1135-S156 1200-S1211200-S122

Toshiba Satellite 1600 1700 Series:

1605CDS 1625CDT 1675CDS 1695CDT 1715XCDS 1730-S101 1735-S101 1750-S2021755-S202

Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series:

3000-S304 3000-S307 3000-S353 3005-S303 3005-S304 3005-S307 3005-S3083005-S403

Toshiba Satellite A105 P105 Series(SOME A105P105 Series may need a 15Vadapter please double check before ordering that your AC adapter is 19V):

A105-S4001 A105-S4002 A105-S4004 A105-S4011 A105-S4012 A105-S4014A105-S4021 A105-S4022 A105-S4024 A105-S4034 A105-S4051 A105-S4054 A105-S4064A105-S4074 A105-S4084 A105-S4092 A105-S4094 A105-S4102 A105-S4104 A105-S4114A105-S4124 A105-S4132 A105-S4134 A105-S4201 A105-S4204 A105-S4211 A105-S4214A105-S4244 A105-S4254 A105-S4274 A105-S4284 A105-S4324 A105-S4334 A105-S4342 A105-S4344A105-S4364 A105-S4384 A105-S4397 A105-S4547 P105-S6002 P105-S6004 P105-S6012P105-S6014 P105-S6022 P105-S6024 P105-S6034 P105-S6054 P105-S6062 P105-S6064P105-S6074 P105-S6084

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